Genezis Ammonium nitrate (Granulated)

Genezis Ammonium nitrate (Granulated)

Recommended on soils well supplied with calcium. Suitable both for basal dressing and top-dressing.


  • Nitrogen (N)33,5%


  • Big Bag sack700kg

Biztonsági adatlapok és termékspecifikációk


It is recommended for all crops.

Total nitrogen (N) content: 33.5%, with 92% of the grains falling in the 2–5 mm size range.

When compared to the traditional technique of prilled grain forming, the procedure of granulation produces larger, harder and more evenly distributed fertiliser grains.

If adjusted correctly, today’s modern spinning disc type fertiliser spreaders can apply such larger and harder grains with uniform distribution and fairly good spreading patterns.

Grains produced by granulation have a sealed surface resulting in slower water absorption and release than with prilled fertiliser grains. This property makes it suitable for being used on neutral or slightly alkaline (calcareous) soils as a base dressing or supplementary (top) dressing applied with cultivators in row crops. Due to the slow release property, the active substance of nitrogen fertilisers becomes gradually available for the plants during the growing season.

This positive effect is particularly beneficial for maize, which has a high nitrogen demand, if a part of the nitrogen is applied with nutrient cultivators. The split application of nitrogen fertilisers is explicitly recommended in maize on loose calcareous soils.

The prolonged release and absorption of nitrogen is particularly important for environmental reasons as this product can avoid, even when higher nitrogen doses are applied, nitrogen leaching from fertilisers caused by rainfall. Such leaching may be harmful to groundwater and represent a loss of active substance.

Instructions for use

It causes temporary acidification in soils with low buffer capacity. Nitrogen fertilisation in divided doses in line with the crops’ growth pace not only enables a quality and quantity improvement of the yield but also the better utilisation of nitrogen. Considering that higher ammonium nitrate content fertilisers are to be treated as dangerous substances, their distribution is restricted in more and more countries; as such, their use is expected to decrease despite being an effectivenutrient source for both arable and horticultural crops.


In compliance with the above, it can be stored for 2 years between -15 and +30°C in a covered and well-ventilated place protected from rain and direct sunlight and free from flammable organic materials, superphosphate, potassium chloride, acids, metal powders, chlorates and sulphur.