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Bige Holding Kft.

Bige Holding Kft's new fertiliser plant has been in operation since March 2004. The plant operating. using compacting technology, produces reliably good quality NPK and PK fertilisers without a chemical reaction and a drying process, with meso and micro-elements in the quality in line with customer demand. The grain size and solidity of the fertilisers thus produced are in line with the current European quality standards. The environmental load of this new technology is minimal.

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Nitrogénművek Zrt.

Nitrogénművek Zrt., Pétfürdő, a member of the Bige Holding Group, is the only Hungarian nitrogen fertiliser producing company today with ammonia and fertiliser production capabilities.

The dominant element in its profile is fertiliser production, and more precisely the production and sale of products with nitrogen as an active substance. The main product of the company is, in addition to CAN fertiliser in granuled and prilled versions, the ammonium nitrate, urea and nitrosol fertilisers. The company also sells the chemical by-products and industrial gases from the fertiliser production process. The current market share of Nitrogénművek Zrt. of the domestic fertiliser market is about 60 per cent. In the previous year the ratio of domestic and export sales of nitrogen fertiliser products represented some 65 to 35 within the total sales revenue. Nitrogénművek Zrt. considers meeting the long-term fertiliser demand of Hungarian agriculture as its main task.

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Péti Nitrokomplex Kft.

Péti Nitrokomplex Kft. has been engaged in the manufacturing of good quality, modern liquid foliar and soil fertilisers for more than 20 years. The primary aim of the Company is sound production, and serving customer needs with a high standard and good quality product. We adjust to the principles of integrated crop production, namely to fertilise for a reason, in line with the relevant area and the crops’ needs, which makes it necessary to use state-of-the-art foliar fertilisers. The central elements of our company’s operation are quality management and the protection of the environment, therefore we pay particular attention to these areas. Maintaining and continuously improving the effectiveness of the ISO 9001/2009 quality management system is very important for the company.

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Nádudvari Agrokémiai Kft.

Nádudvari Agrokémiai Kft. and its predecessors have been operating their world-class modern liquid fertiliser services system. The Company headquarters are located in Nádudvar. The plant, specialising in the production of liquid fertilisers, was built in 1986. The owners back then were Vörös Csillag Mg.Tsz., then HAGE.

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NZrt-Trade Kft.

These days, the Nyíregyháza-based Nzrt-Trade Kft. continues the commercial activities started in 1991 by BH Kereskedelmi and Termelő Kft. as a fertiliser supplier to the eastern region of Hungarian agriculture, as a member of the Bige Holding Group. This commercial activity has changed continuously over the years; later, to align with the needs of the Group, the distribution of certain products decreased, while for others sales have increased. For example, fertiliser imports have ceased; instead, they focus on the distribution of fertilisers and other chemicals produced by Nitrogénművek Zrt., Pétfürdő, acquired by the Group, and thhose of Bige Holding Kft. in Szolnok.

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