Genezis Ammonium nitrate (Prilled)

Genezis Ammonium nitrate (Prilled)

Recommended on soils well supplied with calcium. Suitable both for basal dressing and top-dressing.


  • Nitrogen (N)34%


  • Polyethylene sack/pallet5, 10, 25kg
  • Big Bag sack700kg

Biztonsági adatlapok és termékspecifikációk


It is recommended for all crops.

Instructions for use

It causes temporary acidification in soils with low buffer capacity. Nitrogen fertilisation in divided doses in line with the crops’ growth pace not only enables a quality and quantity improvement of the yield but also the better utilisation of nitrogen. Considering that higher ammonium nitrate content fertilisers are to be treated as dangerous substances, their distribution is restricted in more and more countries; as such, their use is expected to decrease despite being an effectivenutrient source for both arable and horticultural crops.


When storing ammonium nitrate, mixing it with other fertilisers, flammable and organic materials must be prevented. It can be stored in a place protected from moisture and sunshine, in sacks. No smoking or the use of open flame is allowed in a 5 metre radius of the storage location. See the instructions for use and storage.